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Mission Statement
In Alaminos Goat Farm, we love and enjoy what we are doing. The pioneering work that we have done had opened the door for goat raisers and the government to see the huge potential of milking goats in  tropical Philippines.
For the Filipino Farmers whose lives we want to touch, the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program is for you. It is our stand that  proper nutrition and  good goat dairy genetics are the key factors to be successful in milking goats in the tropics. We believe that the Alaminos Salad Garden with Indigofera is a cost effective way to help  farmers in the countryside make their goats to be more productive.

The blessings we continue to receive pushes us to pursue our advocacy by sharing our experiences with Indigofera for proper goat nutrition openly.

Sharing doable technology in dairying goats is what we do best. Creating awareness that goat dairying in tropical Philippines is a sustainable and profitable enterprise is our life long commitment.

visit us in Alaminos and see the extensive work we have done in making goat dairying  profitable under the hot, cold, humid, dry and wet weather in a tropical setting.

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Mombasa in the Alaminos Salad Garden
Mombasa in the Alaminos Salad Garden

Fast Growing Mombasa Guinea, Newest Addition in the Alaminos Salad Garden
June 26, 2016

Mombasa is doing good in the Alaminos Salad Garden. The seeds of Mombasa that we got from the NationalDairy Authority have germinated well. They are fast growing with the good rains they have been getting the past several days.

Mombasa Guinea grass is the common name and the scientific name is Panicum maximum cv. Mombasa. It is a vigorous, tall leafy grass with upright growth. Suitable for cut and carry operation and grazing. Crude Protein is between 8 to 14% protein.


Mombasa Doing Good in the Alaminos Salad Garden
Mombasa Doing Good in the Alaminos Salad Garden

Mombassa Guinea grass is the newest addition to the Alaminos Salad Garden. We are very happy with the seeds we got from the NDA Philippines New Zealand Dairy Project. It addresses the sourcing of forage grass seeds ideal to the tropical condition of the Philippines.

Mombasa is shade tolerant and more adaptive to fertile soil with lot of moisture. Seeds are available at the National Dairy Authority Office at BAI Compound Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. You can call them at 02 709 9484.

Newly Repaired Pen of Redwood Hill Adventurer, King James
Newly Repaired Pen of Redwood Hill Adventurer, King James

Costly Repairs of Pens Continues at Alaminos Goat Farm
June 26, 2015

Work continues at AGF in repairing the pens of the bucks and the does. The wood in the feeding trough is being replaced with prefabricated concrete slabs

Worker Prefabricating Concrete Slabs for Feeding Trough Repairs
Worker Prefabricating Concrete Slabs for Feeding Trough Repairs

Worker preparing more concrete slab for the feeding trough. We are starting to make the feeding trough base concrete, the wood easily gets rotten so we decided to go concrete.

Doing  dairy breed improvement requires a long period of time to reach our goals. We need more goat pens that will last longer. From the present 3 to 5 years, we are aiming 5 years up before repairs are undertaken. We are adding more concrete and galvanized pipes to the goat pens we are repairing. In the future when we construct more goat pens for our expansion we would use more concrete in our pens so it will last longer.

The costly repairs of goat pens in Alaminos Goat Farm continues.

Redwood Hill Pippen, American Saanen Buck
Redwood Hill Pippen, American Saanen Buck

Redwood Hill Pippen and TRR Potenza Q Ready for the 2015 Breeding Season
June 19, 2015

We are ready and keenly awaiting the start of the 2015 breeding season. With the rains starting to fall and temperature turning cooler as the rain starts to fall we expect the does to go into heat. Planned breeding are well laid out with clear instruction to farm workers which bucks to use. Potenza Q would be our main herdsire for the Anglo Nubians and Redwood Hill Pippen for the Saanens together with Caprikorn Cast Iron.The Anglo Nubian bucks and Saanen bucks would also be use for the cross breeding program.

Saanen breed improvement program is moving forward, progeny from outstanding line of Caprikorn Zurich Cast Iron and Noble Springs Justin are being lined up for planned breeding to Redwood Hill Pippen.

Scott Bice, manager of Redwood Hill Dairy and Creamery has strongly recommended this Saanen buck of Cardamon for the Saanen breed improvement program in Alaminos. Cardamon has a lifetime record of 9,820 lbs of milk in 732 days in lactation. She has an impressive 13.4 lbs of milk average per day, in kilos that is 6 kilos per day.

We have named the Saanen buck Pippen. Pippen's sire is des-Ruhigestelle Eclipse a proven buck producing daughters that have a will to milk in Redwood Hill. Pippen has strong structure in his feet which is lacking with our local born Saanens.

TRR Potenza Q
TRR Potenza Q

TRR Potenza Q came from our friend Edwin Dumlao of Pangasinan. Edwin is very proud of Q's dam Potenza, he said that she is the top performing first freshening Nubian in his farm.

Seeing the outstanding performance of PennyRoyal Paloma Potenza and the performance of the progeny of Truly Ranch Romulus, Q's sire, we decided to add TRR Potenza Q to the AADL breeding program. We will use TRR Potenza Q to breed the young the line bred Jewellia line progeny of Beverly Goldthwaite, Gintong Biyaya and AGF Joe Black for the 2015 breeding season.

We are always on the look out for well adapted dairy goats under the tropical setting of the Philippines. TRR Potenza Q is the second local born Anglo Nubian buck we bought in the Philippines. Q's dam Potenza average 305 DIM is 4.44 liters of milk per day in a long and balance lactation curve.

2015 Dairy Breed Improvement Program
2015 Dairy Breed Improvement Program

Dairy Breed Improvement Program Now Going to its Fourth Year
June 17, 2015

We have selected dairy goats well for the 2015 dairy breed improvement program. After talking to technical people who are genetic experts, the focus would be to identify the bucks whose progeny produced are well balanced dairy milkers as a group. The idea of experts we consulted is to identify the bucks who are prepotent in throwing consistently their dairy character to a group whose average are close to each other. We have identified progeny of our Alpine Buck, King James, Saanen bucks Caprikorrn Cast Iron and Redwood Hill Pippen.For the Anglo Nubians we are closely monitoring performance of progeny of Potenza Q, Joe Black and Gintong Biyaya. We are doing a lot of cross breeding for the 2015 breeding season.
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