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Alaminos Milk Star  Fresh Goat's Milk


Mission Statement
In Alaminos Goat Farm, we love and enjoy what we are doing. The pioneering work that we have done has opened the door for goat raisers and the government to see the huge potential of milking goats in  tropical Philippines.
For the Filipino Farmers whose lives we want to touch, the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program is for you. It is our stand that good goat nutrition together with good dairy genetics are the key factors to be successful in milking goats in the tropics. We believe that the Alaminos Salad Garden with Indigofera is a cost effective way to help  farmers in the countryside make their goats to be more productive.

The blessings we continue to receive pushes us to pursue our advocacy by sharing our experiences with Indigofera for good goat nutrition openly.

Sharing doable technology in dairying goats is what we do best. Creating awareness that goat dairying in tropical Philippines is a sustainable and profitable enterprise is our life long commitment.

visit us in Alaminos and see the extensive work we have done in making goat dairying  profitable under the hot, cold, humid, dry and wet weather in a tropical setting.

Watch video of AGF in Bandila 



Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk
Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk

Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk, Looking Back
April 16, 2015

We continue to produce more Alaminos Milk Star goat's milk today as the milking season begins at Alaminos Goat Farm

I remember in 2005, we started breeding Boer Goats in Alaminos. In 2006 we imported 80 full blood boers from Australia. In 2007, we imported over a hundred heads of pure and commercial Saanen from Australia. In 2008 we wanted to do value added products from goats as a business model for a profitable goat enterprise.

In 2009, we did a goat meat standard work with BAI APDC and FGASPAPI in Marulas, Valenzuela. Value added products like choice goat meat cuts, sausages, goat skin on leather and goat leather were the value added products of that work. In costing we did our estimate showed it effectively raise margins of slaughtering Boer goats by 20% compared to selling it live at Php 125 pesos per kilo ex farm in 2009.

We also did a milk recording project of dairy goats with PCAARRD and NDA. Later on we did research work with BAI Research and BAR, Mallungay as alternative feeds for dairy goats. Side by side with the Malunggay research we did a parallel study with Indigofera.

From the results of the research studies we did with government, AGF decided to shift focus from the original meat type to dairy goat type operation. Comparing the return on investment of a goat meat type enterprise with a goat milk production enterprise showed double on return of investment.

In 2008, we made history in Philippine Agriculture when we brought Alaminos Milk Star goat's milk to the supermarket trade in Metro Manila. It was a first in Philippine agriculture with goat's milk hitting the shelves of selected supermarket in Metro Manila for the first time. This opened the eyes of government, agri-entrepreneurs, goat farmers and state colleges that indeed you can milk temperate dairy goats at a profit under the tropical climate of the Phillipines as shown by our experience at Alaminos Goat Farm .


Centris Weekend Market 2011
Centris Weekend Market 2011

Weekend Markets, Trade Show, What is its Relevance for AGF MilkStar Products  

April 12, 2011  


People always asked us why do we take the time and effort to go every Sunday to sell at Centris Weekend Market. Do you make a lot of money selling at the weekend market? Selling at the weekend market is part of a bigger picture. It is a cost effective way of marketing and promoting  Alaminos Milk Star products.
This gives us an opportunity to be in touch directly with consumers of Milk Star goat’s milk for our marketing research to find out why our consumers choose to drink Milk Star goat’s milk. Centris location at the corner of Edsa and Quezon Avenue provides us with an ideal distribution point  for the eastern side of Metro Manila.


The weekend market and the trade shows we have joined have given us a wealth of information about Milk Star consumers. Let me share with you our findings wherein we’ve grouped our consumers into different clusters.  


The most common trend we’ve seen among our Milk Star (MS) consumers is their choice of a healthy lifestyle albeit their choice to drink goats milk. This group of our consumers is more conscious of both their choices in food and drink. One thing they prefer about Milk Star is that it is fresh, unlike the milk widely available in supermarkets which although claim to be fresh, have actually been already processed and fortified with additives.  
Some consumers of people in this group have family members who have been diagnosed with cancer and was advised to take fresh milk while some are being careful about getting sick and therefore prefer to take the necessary precautions which means switching to organic, healthy unprocessed food and drink. Some of the consumers in this group have put a creative spin to drinking goats milk – using it to make healthy shakes, adding it to their food while cooking and the like.

Second trend we observed is consumers who drink MS because they suffer from slow digestion and constipation. In this cluster, we found a wide array of individuals from middle aged people to those who belong in the older generations. They say that drinking goats milk regularized and has actually improved their bowel movement.
Third trend we found is the group we classified under the lactose intolerant. Here we found mothers switching the type of milk for their children who suffer from lactose intolerance after drinking cow’s milk but are more receptive when they drank goats milk. Some of them switched because of their doctor’s recommendations while others have done their own research and became aware of this particular benefit in drinking goats milk.
Fourth, we made a separate cluster for our Chinese market (which we’ve found in Binondo area, San Juan among others). The Filipino Chinese was easy to penetrate as we found that they are the most open to drinking goats milk. The elder Chinese who originally came from China before residing here in the country know the health benefits of drinking fresh goat’s milk (as this is widely available in provinces back in Mainland China). They say that fresh goat’s milk is a good natural food complete with the essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to stay healthy.
We also found that a common reason why this group drinks goats milk in is that they like the taste of goats milk and prefer it over other types of milk. We also have a classification of MS consumers who have various other reasons for buying goats milk. Some use the milk for culinary purposes. They use milk as an ingredient to make cheese and yogurt. Some have expressed their interest in making products for personal care such as goats milk soap, lotion and body wash. Also, we have consumers who feed goats milk to their pet dogs – something which we’ve done in Alaminos Goat Farm to nurse our puppies.
Finally, we also came up with a group which we’ve significantly classified as the CURIOUS group. We personally come across this type of consumers weekly through the Sunday Market and also when we join trade shows. They are those who try the milk because they’ve heard about it vaguely or because they’ve seen other people try it. From this group, we often receive a variety of feedbacks which we take into consideration to analyze how to further penetrate the market. Often, this group asks us the advantages of drinking goats milk over other types of milk such as carabao’s, soy and cow’s milk.
Toti with Tessa Jasmines at her Marketing Class at UP Dilliman, Case Study, Milk Star Marketing Plan
Toti with Tessa Jasmines at her Marketing Class at UP Dilliman, Case Study, Milk Star Marketing Plan
From the findings of our research, we realize that we are still left with the big sphere of those in the market who are not informed about the benefits not only of GOATS milk but also of buying natural, fresh products. Ever since Milk Star entered the market in 2007, we have always searched for the health benefits of goats milk, reading materials from the internet as references and also reading studies, journal articles on the matter. The data and information that we’ve gathered through researching will only get us so far because most of these claims are still presently being debated upon.
The value of the marketing research we conducted this past few months is that we are able to collate data of actual Milk Star consumers and drinkers who have personal experiences of drinking goats milk.

We find that these testimonials are priceless as we can share with other consumers what Milk Star Patrons like about goats milk.
Furthermore, in our personal encounters with people who have bought our milk along with the variety of their feedback and comments, we realized that even the not to positive comments like "Lasang kambing” shouldn’t bring us down. We sell goats milk. It is not unusual to find traces of this taste the first time after trying it. Maybe it’s because of one’s preconcieved notions or one is looking for goaty taste.
We continue to search for cost effective ways to market Alaminos Milk Star goat’s milk. The way we look at it at the present level of Alaminos Goat Farm (AGF) goat milk production we have found our mark. Experience have also taught us the importance of location in selling, the outlet should be  located in areas where the target market is.
AGF projects to double production in two years time as it completes its dairy breed improvement and expansion program. When AGF doubles production in two years time it will be a totally different ballgame marketing wise to move the increase volume of goat’s milk products produced to the market.  More value added products would be develop and focus on active  direct sellers to deliver farm fresh goat's milk  to consumers doorstep directly.

The A2  Milk of Choice,  Goat’s Milk

April 12, 2014


Since we first launched Milk Star Fresh Goats Milk in the market back in 2007, we have shared various research indicating the health benefits of goats milk. IN fact, it can be said that we are strong advocates of choosing the best and healthiest kind of milk for your family. With the support of research and studies, we can proudly claim that goats milk is a healthy milk choice as compared to other kinds of milk. That is why when new knowledge comes our way, we feel the need to share it with fellow-goats milk lovers as well.


Recently, our team came across a new study regarding goats milk courtesy of a friend from Australia.  Basically, it reiterated what we already knew – goats milk is easily digestible with its 2% curd (as compared to cow’s milk at 10%). A softer curd means a faster digestion of milk proteins in one’s stomach. At the same time, it has also introduced us to the two types of beta casein that is contained in milk.



"Beta-casein is a protein that contains bioactive peptides and opioids. Bioactive peptides are important for protecting the undeveloped immune system of newborns, and stimulate the growth and development of organs like the gastrointestinal tract and gut.”


The 2 kinds of Beta Casein are called A1 Beta Casein and A2 beta casein.


Goats milk contains the better kind of beta-casein called A2 Beta Casein. Why do we claim that it is the better kind of beta-casein? Research shows that A1 Beta Casein, found in cow’s milk, releases a harmful kind of opiod (called BCM7) which may trigger the onset of heart disease, diabetes, autism and schizophrenia, and possibly other diseases. On the other hand, A2 Beta Casein is the "safe” kind and is the healthier choice if you are avoiding A1 Beta Casein.


In fact, doctors recommend goats milk for their patients who require a gluten-free diet. Goats milk’s A2 Beta-Casein will NOT cause the harmful effects previously mentioned. There is still a need to gather more information on why this is so but a gluten free diet has shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms of schizophrenia and autism.


Thus, we find another emerging research that identifies goats milk as a milk of choice for both its nutrients and health benefits. Looking forward to reading more information on this matter.


For further details on beta casein, I encourage you to read about the technical details on the matter through the following references –



Udderly New Insight About Milk and Autism: An Emerging New Hypothesis on A1 and A2 Beta-Casein

February 8, 2011 • Categories: Autism News, Food & Nutrients, Scientific Research • by Julie Matthews




Newly Repaired Kidding Pens at AGF
Newly Repaired Kidding Pens at AGF

Long Delayed Repairs of Kidding Pens Done
April 12, 2015

After long delays the kidding pens costly repair of flooring and feeding trough are finally done. We have the alleys and feeding  trough made of concrete and steel. The concrete support for the slotted floorings were strengthened. Bigger size gi pipes were used. We are looking at five years trouble free use of the kidding pens.

We will  move to repair the pens near the milking room. The support for the slotted plastic foorings will be changed to new and bigger gi pipes.

Anglo Saanen Cross and Purebred AngloNubian Does with their Kids
Anglo Saanen Cross and Purebred AngloNubian Does with their Kids

Cross Breeding for Hybrid Vigor is the Game We Are Playing at AGF
April 11, 2015

Cross breeding program is the game we are seriously playing  in Alaminos Goat Farm, Alaminos, Laguna on a commercial basis. The huge demand from dairy goat raisers for cross bred dairy goats keeps pushing us forward in the commercial production of cross bred dairy goats for milking. Dairy goat raisers are slowly seeing science at work with the hybrid vigor the dairy cross brings to dairying goats in Alaminos under the tropical climate of the Philippines.

AGF JUS 393 with her Twin Anglo Saanen Cross Kid Does Out of Potenza Q
AGF JUS 393 with her Twin Anglo Saanen Cross Kid Does Out of Potenza Q

We are raising the level of breeding the ideal dairy cross with strict selection. The three years Dairy breed improvement program culminated in 2014. The product of the program gives us a bigger base to select from for breeding materials  for the commercial production of the crosses.

Anglo Saanen cross milkers have been the consistent top milkers in Alaminos Goat Farm for the past three years.
The standard setup was to breed the Anglo Nubian does with the Saanen buck.

Last year we decided to breed the Saanen doe with an Anglo Nubian buck and see if there will be a difference in milk yield with the progenies when you reverse the breed of the doe and the buck. We wlll compare the result in milk yield of an Saanen (doe) X Anglo Nubian (buck) progenies with the original Anglo Nubian (doe) X Saanen (buck) progenies.

The work continues in dairy breed improvement program in Alaminos Goat Farm, Alaminos, Laguna


Anglo Oberhasli Kid Doe of AGF OBER LAR 179
Anglo Oberhasli Kid Doe of AGF OBER LAR 179

AGF OBER 179 with her single kid doe out of Potenza Q, a purebred Anglo Nubian buck. The kid doe is an Oberhasli Anglo Cross. We will see where hybrid vigor will bring us. Both dam and sire are well adapted to the tropical climate being island born in the Philippines.

The coming years will be very exciting ones with the well bred dairy goat milkers being produced at Alaminos Goat Farm. They will come from the same lines that have been consistently producing AGF famous Alamins Milk Star goat's milk for the past seven years.

In 2016, dairy milkers suitable to the tropical climate of the Philippines will be commercially available at AGF. Just let us know in advance so we can reserve some for you.

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