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Mission Statement
In Alaminos Goat Farm, we love and enjoy what we are doing. The pioneering work that we have done had opened the door for goat raisers and the government to see the huge potential of milking goats in  tropical Philippines.
For the Filipino Farmers whose lives we want to touch, the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program is for you. It is our stand that  proper nutrition and  good goat dairy genetics are the key factors to be successful in milking goats in the tropics. We believe that the Alaminos Salad Garden with Indigofera is a cost effective way to help  farmers in the countryside make their goats to be more productive.

The blessings we continue to receive pushes us to pursue our advocacy by sharing our experiences with Indigofera for proper goat nutrition openly.

Sharing doable technology in dairying goats is what we do best. Creating awareness that goat dairying in tropical Philippines is a sustainable and profitable enterprise is our life long commitment.

visit us in Alaminos and see the extensive work we have done in making goat dairying  profitable under the hot, cold, humid, dry and wet weather in a tropical setting.

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Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line BUCK AGF KAR 455
Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line BUCK AGF KAR 455

AGF San Antonio Boer Line
July 31, 2015

We continue to develop our signature line of medium sized San Antonio Boers in Alaminos Goat Farm. We are breeding the progeny of the Stately lined boers with the Karbo lined boers with Khimaira blood. The brown color comes from our original Boers from Khimaira Ridge and Thorn in South Adelaide in Australia. San Antonio KAR 455 has as his sire KARBO JR 101  and dam is AGF 7008. Kidding date is August 8. 2014, type of kidding, twins.


KARBO Jr. is consistently prepotent in throwing meatiness, lenght and height. His sire is AGF Karbo 1518 Mono, he was chosen because of his great length, smooth coat and well balanced legs. His powerful bloodline, Sire KARBO W 459, is Supreme Champion Buck in the 2004 Royal Adelaide Show and noted for his great hindequarter muscle. Dam is KARBO W 408, imported from South Africa Embryo Transfer (Nico Botha Line). His sire line comes from the award winning buck Karbo Lacy.

Buyers loves  Karbo Jr progeny at Alaminos Goat Farm which makes sslling Boers easy.


Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line Doelings
Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line Doelings

KARBO JR 101 is prepotent in throwing a lot of meatiness in his progeny with the lenght and height.

New Freezer For Alaminos Goat's Milk Ice Cream
New Freezer For Alaminos Goat's Milk Ice Cream

Value Added Product From Goats
July 29, 2015

Goat's milk ice cream is one value added product from goat's milk we are promoting. Slowly but surely we are studying the market of distributing ice cream.

We have a new freezer for Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk Ice Cream. We decided to buy a new freezer which we will use when we join the AGRIWORLD - WOFEX - World Food Expo , August 5-8 World Trade Center.

Value added products holds the key in making goat dairying a profitable enterprise.

Redwood Hill Pippen, American Saanen Buck
Redwood Hill Pippen, American Saanen Buck

Remember This Guy, Redwood Hill PIPPEN
July 29, 2015

After a year or two we will see how Redwood Hill Pippen an American Saanen buck will make an impact with the Saanens in Alaminos. Breeding Saanens that are well adapted to the tropical condition in the Philippines is one of our goal at Alaminos Goat Farm.

Scott Bice, manager of Redwood Hill Dairy and Creamery has strongly recommended this Saanen buck of Cardamon for the Saanen breed improvement program in Alaminos. Cardamon has a lifetime record of 9,820 lbs of milk in 732 days in lactation. She has an impressive 13.4 lbs of milk average per day, in kilos that is 6 kilos per day.

We have named the Saanen buck Pippen. Pippen's sire is des-Ruhigestelle Eclipse a proven buck producing daughters that have a will to milk in Redwood Hill. Pippen has strong structure in his feet which is lacking with our local born Saanens.

We are heavily using Redwood Hill Pippen to breed the purebred Saanen progeny of Caprikorn CAST IRON and the high milking Anglo Saanen and Alpine Anglo Saanen Cross.

Remember this guy PIPPEN, in a year or two his progeny will be in the milking line. We will see if we made the right decision in choosing PIPPEN as herdsire for the 2015 Saanen breed improvement program in Alaminos Goat Farm.


AGf 028 and AGF 937, Progeny of AGF JOE BLACK
AGf 028 and AGF 937, Progeny of AGF JOE BLACK

Progeny of AGf JOE BLACK
July 29, 2015

After nursing their kids for 60 days, AGF JB 028 and AGF JB937 progeny of AGF JOE BLACK are headed for the milking room. They will be miked for the first time this morning. We are closely monitoring performance of AGF JOE BLACK progeny.

Alaminos Salad Garden Looking Good After the Rains
Alaminos Salad Garden Looking Good After the Rains

Alaminos Salad Garden, Low Cost Feed For Good Goat Nutrition
July 29, 2015

The Alaminos Salad Garden gives a good source of low cost feeds to provide good nutrition to the hundreds of dairy goats we are raising at AGF.
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Alaminos Goat Farm

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