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Mission Statement
In Alaminos Goat Farm, we love and enjoy what we are doing. Our customers always comes first at AGF. The work that we have done has opened the door for goat raisers and the government to see the huge potential of milking goats in a tropical setting.
For the Filipino Farmers whose lives we want to touch, we dedicate the work we have done in our Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program. It is our stand that good goat nutrition together with the right good dairy genetics are the key factors to be successful in milking goats in the tropics as an enterprise. We believe that the Alaminos Salad Garden with Indigofera as the main tree legume is a cost effective way that will help  the farmers in the countryside make their goats to be more productive.

The blessings we continue to receive pushes us to pursue our advocacy in sharing our experience with Indigofera for good goat nutrition.

Sharing doable and simple technology in dairying goats is what we do best. Creating awareness that goat dairying in tropical Philippines is a sustainable and profitable enterprise is our life long commitment.

Visit us in Alaminos and see the extensive work we have done in making goat dairying  profitable under the hot, humid, wet and cold weather in a tropical setting.

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Single Kid Doe of AGF Ober LAR 161 with King James as Sire
Single Kid Doe of AGF Ober LAR 161 with King James as Sire

Alpine Oberhasli Kid Doe of AGF Ober LAR 161
August 28. 2014

Crossing AGF Ober LAR 161 with our imported Alpine buck King James, gave us a beautiful Ober Alpine kid doe. The Oberhasli are also known as the Swiss Alpine and Alpine in the USA are called the French Alpine.

AGF Ober LAR 161


Redwood Hill Adventurere King James

The pedigree of this young Oberhalsi Alpine cross and hybrid vigor holds a big potential to be a high producer of goat's milk in Alaminos. Her dam AGF Ober LAR 161 is peaking now at a little over 3 liters per day in her first freshening.

King James ( Redwood Hill JC Adventurer) a purebred Alpine Buck comes with very explosive blood line from Redwood Hill Dairy. His dam is the 2009 American National Champion, EMBER AMICALE 8* M, with a lifetime average of 11.07 lbs in lactation. 2,180 Days In Milk with a total production of 24,140 lbs. of milk. Amicale was best udder in 2009 Nationals for Alpines. She has a very good top line and have the depth in body with very good legs to stand on for heavy milking.

Sire is Coltrane of Redwood Hill's famous Jazz line. He is the last offspring of SGCH Companeros Sequoia Jazz. Coltrane is extremely correct having excellent feet and legs, and being extremely dairy.


AGF S ALX 009 with Her Twins
AGF S ALX 009 with Her Twins

AGF S ALX 009 Twin Kids
August 28, 2014

Twin kids for AGF S ALX 009 with JP Mr.Max Cameron as sire. Its a buckling kid and a kid doe for this first generation Jacobs Pride Nubian doe.

Jacobs Pride Mr Max Cameron.
Jacobs Pride Mr Max Cameron.

Jacobs Pride Mr. Max Cameron, pure White Anglo Nubian buck from Deborah Danek Emholtz. Cameron has been throwing his dairy type features to his progenies. His dam is Cameron's Doeiaz. Her mammary is very good with excellent texture thatís as soft as butter and milks out and down like an empty glove.

Mr.Max Cameron sire is J & R Spirit's Dakota Maxim. Dakota Maxim's Dam is Kovergirl.the 2009 ADGA National 1st place and 1st udder in the three year old milker category. Kovergirl is the Reserve National Champion and National Best Udder at 2009 ADGA National. In the 2007 ADGA National she is the 1st place Milking Yearling.

Morning Milking Jacobs Pride Milkers
Morning Milking Jacobs Pride Milkers

Jacobs Pride Nubians Going to the Milking Room
August 28, 2014

JP Nubians milkers near the end of their milking season. They are already bred but still giving some milk, so we decided to milk them some more before drying them off.


Alaminos Salad Garden
Alaminos Salad Garden

Extensive Work in Developing the Alaminos Salad Garden
August 28, 2014

Since 2008. we have done extensive work in developing the Alaminos Salad Garden. Through our long years experience, we have identified Indigofera as one of the easiest to plant. Indigoferas high protein content of 27% and 3,921 calories per kilogram makes it good feeding material for the good goat nutrition part of dairying goats.

We have collected records of milk performance of dairy goats fed with 30% and 35% shredded Indigofera inclusion in the pelleted goat's feed. We are still looking for a technical partner to come up with a through analysis of the data we have collected. In due time we hope we can come up with a paper presenting results of the extensive work we have done in feeding dairy goats with Indigofera  in a tropical setting in Alaminos.

Alaminos Goat Farm Profitable Dairy Goat Operation
August 27, 2014

Dr Cesar Sevilla describes Alaminos Goat Farm as a vertically integrated goat farm in a paper entitled AADGN Country Report-Philippines which he presented in Indonesia. This is what makes our dairy operation very cost efficient.

We take pride of what we have achieved with our Alaminos Salad Garden feeding program. Sixty percent of what we feed our goats comes from the Alaminos Salad Garden. From farmers around Laguna and Batangas we source 35 % of our feed requirement in form of copra meal, darak and other feed stuff. The remaining 5% are imported, vitamins, mineral and soya beans.
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Alaminos Goat Farm

Art Almeda
Maharlika Highway Back Iglesia Ni Cristo Church
Alaminos, Laguna, PH
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