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Mission Statement
In Alaminos Goat Farm, we love and enjoy what we are doing. The pioneering work that we have done had opened the door for goat raisers and the government to see the huge potential of milking goats in  tropical Philippines.
For the Filipino Farmers whose lives we want to touch, the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program is for you. It is our stand that  proper nutrition and  good goat dairy genetics are the key factors to be successful in milking goats in the tropics. We believe that the Alaminos Salad Garden with Indigofera is a cost effective way to help  farmers in the countryside make their goats to be more productive.

The blessings we continue to receive pushes us to pursue our advocacy by sharing our experiences with Indigofera for proper goat nutrition openly.

Sharing doable technology in dairying goats is what we do best. Creating awareness that goat dairying in tropical Philippines is a sustainable and profitable enterprise is our life long commitment.

visit us in Alaminos and see the extensive work we have done in making goat dairying  profitable under the hot, cold, humid, dry and wet weather in a tropical setting.

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Boer Doelings For Sale
Boer Doelings For Sale

Last Batch of Boer Doelings For Sale For 2015
November 29, 2015

Jacobs Pride 057 Maxim's Darski and AGF Sue Yanni 041
Jacobs Pride 057 Maxim's Darski and AGF Sue Yanni 041

Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line (AADL) Breeding Program Moving Fast Forward in 2016
November 26, 2015

Jacobs Pride Maxim Darski 057 is our favorite imported American Nubian doe in Alaminos. At the peaked of her lactation this year she did 111 liters of milk for the month of February, 2015, that is an average of 3.94 liters. Unfortunately she was hit by mastitis and her average went down to 2.4 liters of milk in her last lactation. We retained her doeling from a Bullet Creek Sue Yanni breeding for the AADL breeding program, AGF Sue Yanni 041.

Jacobs Pride 057 Maxim Darski, was bred to TRR Potenza Q last July 25, 2015 and AGF Sue Yanni 041 her doeling was bred to TRR Potenza Q last October 21, 2015.

We will use progeny of this line as foundation stock for the AADL Breed Improvement Program. We are excited as we continue to make a strong move forward in the AADL breed improvement program in Alaminos.


AGF Sweet Alexm 009, AGF Joe Black 020 & Jacobs Pride 053 Msty Maximum


AGF Sue Yanni 065, AGf Sue Yanni 066 & Jacobs Pride Misty Maximum

Jacobs Pride 053 Misty Maximum is the most prolific producer of kid does in Alaminos.  In her three kiddings, she gave us AGF Sweet Alex 009 in her first kidding on January 22, 2013. In her second kidding she had a twin kid does, AGF Joe Black 019 and 020 on January 11, 2014. Last February 2, 2015 she gave us a set of triplets kid does. AGF Sue Yanni 064, 065 and 066. 6 kid does in three kiddings, we sold AGF Sue Yanni 64 to Atty. Deo David and AGF Joe Black 019 to our partner in Visayas SAIS RED of DA RFO VIII.

In Christmas 2015, we expect her fourth kidding out of Bullet Creek Sue Yanni breeding. We will see if she continues her record run of all kid does kidded at Alaminos Goat Farm.


AGF Aliminos 036 & Bullet Creek D 48 PJ'S Zantasia
AGF Aliminos 036 & Bullet Creek D 48 PJ'S Zantasia

We will use the progeny of Bullet Creek D 48 PJ'S Zantasia and AGF Aliminos 036 for the AADL breeding program as foundation stock. AGF Aliminos has Goldthwaite Aliminos as her sire and her dam is Bullet Creek PJ' S Zantasia is her dam.

Bullet Creek PJ'S Zantasia was line bred to Bullet Creek PJ'S Landon last August 23, 2015. AGF Aliminos 036 her doeling was bred to TRR Potenza Q last October 19, 2015.


Bullet Creek D 14 Bullet Creek Sue Island Pride & AGF Sue Yanni 030
Bullet Creek D 14 Bullet Creek Sue Island Pride & AGF Sue Yanni 030

We have retained the progeny of Bullet Creek D14 Sue Island Pride, AGF Sue Yanni 030 for the AADL breeding program. AGF Sue Yanni 030 is a line bred doeling with Sonia Noel as common to both buck sire and dam.

Last August 11, 2015 we bred BC Sue Island Pride to Goldthwaite Joe Black while her progeny AGF Sue 030 was bred to Goldthwaite Joe Black last October 24, 2015.

2016 will be a big year for the AADL breeding program as we see the performance of the out cross and line bred AADL doelings in the milking line. Visit us at Alaminos Goat Farm  and see first hand as we move our AADL breed improvement program forward with strict selection and good goat nutrition.


AGF Triumph 067 AADL Doeling Sold
November 24, 2015

Today we committed to sell an AADL doeling AGF Triumph 067 to a customer in Bulacan. We have retained AGF Triumph 067 for the AADL breeding program. Customers have shown strong interest with our batik line so we wanted to increase the number of breeders with batik color.

As  a matter of policy buyers who bought from AGF breeder bucks will  have first priority in acquiring the purebred doeling at AGF. When our customer from Angat, Bulacan, who bought AGF Gintong Biyaya 061 (ANGLO Buck) said he wanted to buy AGF Triumph 067, we decided to sell AGF Triumph 067 as a  reward for a loyal customer of AGF. Maraming Salamat Po, Bert Torres.

Bullet Creek Faith Triumph
Bullet Creek Faith Triumph

Bullet Creek Faith Triumph
November 23, 2015

Customers have shown strong interest in the progeny of BC Faith Triumph which we fondly call Batik because of his color pattern. In the 2016 breeding season, we will use him in breeding the Anglo Nubians does with the same color pattern with the hope of producing the batilk color customers loves to buy.


AGf Triumph 827 CNB


Danreb Oira with AGf Triumph 827

Danreb Oira choose AGF Triumph 827 for the breeding program of their association NEGSRA in Nueva Ecija. It looks like the Commercial Nubian Bucks are going places with its reduced price of Php 15,000 pesos.

In Alaminos Goat Farm we produce what the customer want, they are king. The customer are always right at Alaminos Goat Farm. Bringing the price of the Commercial Nubian Buck (CNB) to a reasonable level of Php 15,000 pesos  creates a bigger market for the purebred local Nubian buck.

Visit us in Alaminos and see first hand what good dairy genetics and good goat nutrition have done to make us successful in raising dairy goats in the tropics.

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