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Mission Statement
In Alaminos Goat Farm, we love and enjoy what we are doing. The pioneering work that we have done had opened the door for goat raisers and the government to see the huge potential of milking goats in  tropical Philippines.
For the Filipino Farmers whose lives we want to touch, the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program is for you. It is our stand that  proper nutrition and  good goat dairy genetics are the key factors to be successful in milking goats in the tropics. We believe that the Alaminos Salad Garden with Indigofera is a cost effective way to help  farmers in the countryside make their goats to be more productive.

The blessings we continue to receive pushes us to pursue our advocacy by sharing our experiences with Indigofera for proper goat nutrition openly.

Sharing doable technology in dairying goats is what we do best. Creating awareness that goat dairying in tropical Philippines is a sustainable and profitable enterprise is our life long commitment.

visit us in Alaminos and see the extensive work we have done in making goat dairying  profitable under the hot, cold, humid, dry and wet weather in a tropical setting.

Watch video of AGF in Bandila 




Redwood Hill Pippen, American Saanen Buck Breeding AGF 2100 (Anglo Saanen Corss)
Redwood Hill Pippen, American Saanen Buck Breeding AGF 2100 (Anglo Saanen Corss)

Early Start For The 2015 Breeding Season At Alaminos Goat Farm
July 25, 2015

Height of the 2015 breeding season at Alaminos Goat Farm, Redwood Hill Pippen breeding AGF 2100. The breeding season started early this year, July 9, 2015. Up to today close to 50 heads of dairy goats have been bred. The 2016 kidding season will start early on December 2015.The changing weather pattern caused by global warming have changed the breeding season at AGF. Last year the breeding season started late, September, 2014 with the kidding season starting late in February 2015.


AGF 2100 (Anglo Saanen Cross) Returning To Her Miliking Pen After Breeding Redwood Hill Pippen
AGF 2100 (Anglo Saanen Cross) Returning To Her Miliking Pen After Breeding Redwood Hill Pippen

TERMS OF SALE,  Reserving Dairy Goats for 2016 at Alaminos Goat Farm
July 25, 2015

Deposits will be required to  reserve a dairy doeling from Alaminos Goat Farm. A non refundable 20% deposit of the listed price is required to be included in the list for 2016. Should a suitable kid not be available  to   fill  a reservation the deposit will be refunded or  if   the buyer chooses  may be use for another selection.


GREEN TAG Anglo Saanen and AlpneAnglo Saanen Cross are priced at Php 20,000 pesos. The green tagged doelings  are progeny coming from proven milker doing 2.0 liters up in Alaminos.

Anglo Saanen and Alpine Anglo Saanen Cross are priced at Php 15,000 pesos. The blue tagged doelings are progeny of young does doing an average of 1.5 liters to 2 liters per day.

RED TAG Island born Purebred dairy goats are priced at Php 30,000. Anglo Nubian, Saanen and Oberhasli breed, good for foundation stock.

All doelings sold are tested negative for CAE and
BRUCELLA ABORTUS by the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory of the Department of Agriculture in Lipa City.

Please call 0917 5004294 for more details on how to reserve.


Young Weanlings Enjoying Freah Forage From the Alaminos Salad Garden
Young Weanlings Enjoying Freah Forage From the Alaminos Salad Garden

To all our friends and customers who we were not able to serve their Anglo Saanen and Alpine Anglo Saanen dairy goats requirements we are sorry. We are still serving orders made last year. For 2016, we strongly recommend that you make your reservation early. The list for dairy doelings being reserved for 2016 is starting to move up again.

We will be accepting reservation for 100 heads only, we have already accepted reservation for 50 heads for the 2016 season, they will become available for release starting May, 2016.



Young Weanlings Enjoying Freah Forage From the Alaminos Salad Garden
Young Weanlings Enjoying Freah Forage From the Alaminos Salad Garden

Low Cost Feeds For Dairy Goats at AGF
July 23. 2015

One of Alaminos Goat Farm strength in its goat dairy operation is the forage grass and legumes from the Alaminos Salad Garden. Combining two practical strategies in feeding and good dairy genetics have led us in achieving significant levels of goat milk production in Tropical Philippines. We continue to show that the ideal combination of forage concentrate combination stands at 60% forage and 40% concentrate. Goats being ruminants requires more forages than concentrate for ideal fermentation in the rumen. At this level it addresses also the high feed cost of concentrate feeds resulting to improve profitability of goat dairy operation.

Goats Loves Fresh Forages From the Alaminos Salad Garden
Goats Loves Fresh Forages From the Alaminos Salad Garden

With the 60% forage and 40% concentrate ratio results to healthy fast growing kids. Bloat has never been an issue in raising kids at AGF.

Saanen Kid Does Doing Well with Fresh Forages From the Alaminos Salad Garden
Saanen Kid Does Doing Well with Fresh Forages From the Alaminos Salad Garden

Lower feed cost with Indigofera, signal grass, pakchong and other forages from the Alaminos Salad Garden. Good weight gains and smooth and shinny hair coat are signs of healthy goats.

Mortalities in newly weaned kids are on an ALL TIME LOW with the good feeding management provided.

Treatment for MASTITIS at Alaminos Goat Farm
Treatment for MASTITIS at Alaminos Goat Farm

Mastitis Treatment at AGF
July 20, 2015

MASTITIS is one issue you can not avoid in dairying goats commercially under the tropical condition of the PHILIPPINES. When we were starting a simple injection of PENSTREP will suffice.

The change of weather from dry to rainy season makes an ideal condition for bacteria that causes mastitis to multiply. This year we have taken an aggressive stance in treating Mastitis cases. We are combining amoxicillin, penstrep, gentamicin and prednizilone to treat MASTITIS in Alaminos. 1 cc per 10 kilos body weight given 3 days to 5 days for milkers found positive with Mastitis after California Mastitis Test. Withdrawal period is 7days after last injection.

On the sides we also took an non antibiotic approach. It was decided to add CELMANAX, a yeast extract and yeast culture to the diet at the ratio 100 grams of Celmanax to 100 kilos of the concentrate diet. The claim of the manufacturer is the yeast culture would attack the bad bacteria associated with mastitis in the rumen and would result to lower incidence of mastitis, colds and coughing.

Even the experts would consult us how we address mastitis at AGF. These are the first concrete steps we have taken, the combination antibiotic approach and the non antibiotic approach with the yeast culture extract CELMANAX. How we wish the non antibiotic approach with CELMANAX would work.

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Alaminos Goat Farm

Art Almeda
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0917 500 4294 - 0917 500 1982

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