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AGF 33, First Doeling of AGF Hillary out of AGF Obama in 2010
AGF 33, First Doeling of AGF Hillary out of AGF Obama in 2010

AGF will continue to monitor the progress of AGF Hillary progenies, being our prized champion doe we find a big potential in the kids she is producing. In our excitement we have broken our own rule to let the doeling mature first before breeding. AGF 33 was bred early this August to Sweet Alex.
To reach for our dream, we are using the Alaminos Anglo (AA) Dairy Line breeding program to come up with a dairy type anglo line. AGF Hilary is one of the foundation does we are using for the program.
In selecting AGF Hillary as one of our foundation doe for the AA Dairy Line breeding program we put value to her winning the Best Anglo Nubian doeling at the 2010 Agri Link Show. The Australian judges had seen something in her to select her as the winner and it is for us to prove through the milking performance of her progenies that she is real champion.

AGF Hillary 1454,  Winning as Best Anglo Doeling......2010 Agri Link Show
AGF Hillary 1454, Winning as Best Anglo Doeling......2010 Agri Link Show

Every breeding season AGF Hillary will be bred to a different Anglo Nubian buck with a lot dairyness in their line. AGF hopes that the kids produced by AGF Hillary will help us come up with the ideal foundation stocks for the Alaminos Anglo (AA) Dairy Line breeding program that are adaptable to the tropical environment of the Philippines.
The AA Dairy Line  breeding program has a long way to go but we have made our first big step forward. Time is on our side, we will work harder to see this to its successful conclusion.



Preparation Underway For Shipment of Dairy Goats to the Visayas
September 1, 2015

We have started preparation in supplying dairy goats to a government project in the Visayas. Target shipping date is October, 2015. The request is to breed the young doelings with our Anglo Nubian bucks in Alaminos before shipment. We have assigned Potenza Q as the main herd sire for this project with back up bucks to used are Goldthwaith Gintong Biyaya, Bullet Creek Landon and Bullet Creek Kept Secret.



Milk Star Goat's Cheese  100 grams
Milk Star Goat's Cheese 100 grams

Milk Star Fresh Goat's Cheese 100 Grams
Packaging:Vacuum Pack
Shelf life: 2 months(consume immediately once open)
Now Available in Unimart, Cash and Carry, Picky Mom's Market Market the fort, Sidcor sunday market at Eton Centris Q.C., Salcedo Saturday Market and coming soon in South Alabang, SM Hypermarket and Robinsons Supermarket Ermita, BF ruins and Galleria.

2015 Young AADL Doelings
2015 Young AADL Doelings

Dairy Breed Improvement Program  At AGF In High Gear
September 1, 2015

In no other time in breeding dairy goats through the years in Alaminos are we in a better position to make a big move forward than in any other year. The well selected dairy breeders  are in place and the good nutrition part in feeding dairy goats at a lower feed cost stands on solid ground with Indigofera of the Alaminos Saald Garden as the main legume.

The well selected island born American Nubian doelings are now in place waiting to be bred to the designated herd sire TRR POTENZA Q.


Maintenance Head Jacky Hao ( right)  Inspecting Lister Pelletizer from BAI. Research Division
Maintenance Head Jacky Hao ( right) Inspecting Lister Pelletizer from BAI. Research Division

Slowly Preparation for BAR, BAI Research Work Gets Underway

August 27, 2011


The arrival of a Lister pelletizing machine from the Bureau of Animal Industry signals the start of the preparation for the commercialization work in supplementing dairy goat feeds with pelletized malunggay leaf meal. The project is funded by the Bureau of Agricultural Research. The Bureau of Animal Industry, Research Division headed by OIC Remedios Acasio spearheads the project.



TRR POTENZA Q With 2015 AADL Doelings
TRR POTENZA Q With 2015 AADL Doelings

We have selected AADL doelings from dams with milk record performance of above 2 liters per day average and show type features for our planned breeding program. TRR Potenza Q was selected herdisre for the AADL breeding program. The selected young AADL doelings will be bred late 2015 to give them more time to mature. To backstop TRR POTENZA Q, we have selected Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya on the side.

Penny Royal Paloma Potenza,  Q's dam did  4.44 liters per day in a long and balance 305 days lactation curve  in Pangasinan. In selecting Q as herdsire for the 2015 AADL doelings, we are banking on the outstanding performance of Q's dam, TRR Paloma Potenza under the tropical condition of the Philippines. Adaptability to the tropical climate have been added to the selection process in producing the ideal Anglo Nubian dairy milkers in Alaminos Goat Farm.


Laboratory testing of Malunggay leaf meal was done by BAI Laboratory reveals a 27.1% protein level and an energy level of 4460 calories per kilogram. Amino acid content analysis is the next test to be done with the Malunggay leaf meal at Biotec laboratory at UPLB in Los Banos.


AGF SU 043
AGF SU 043

Top Anglo Nubian Buck For Sale
August  29, 2015

AGF SU 043 a purebred island born Anglo Nubian buck comes highly recommended as herdsire for dairy breed improvement program in tropical Philippines. Dam is AGF 057 Jacobs Pride Maxim Darski and sire is Bullet Creek Sue Yanni. Kidding date is November 14, 2014 and kidding type is triplets.

Breeding the ideal Anglo Nubian breed adaptable to the the tropical condition in the Philippines is a challenge for breeders. AGF is the leading producer of goat's milk in the Philippines. Through the years we have continuously selected dairy goats that will milk in the tropics. We are proud to offer for sale AGF AL 043, his family comes with history of dairyness. He comes highly recommended to throw his dairy character to his progeny.

This handsome boy is for sale at Php 35,000 pesos


Air Dried Malunggay Leaf Meal
Air Dried Malunggay Leaf Meal

Preparation are underway to choose the dairy goats for the feeding trials using the present feeding regimen, the addition of 20% and 30% pelletized Malunggay leaf meal with the concentrate feeds. A total of three treatments would be set up requiring 3 dairy goats in lactation for each treatment, a total of 9 dairy goats in lactation would be used.  


Selecting lactating goats for the feeding trials is proving to be a little complicated because of the different stages in lactation, breed and age. It would take a little more time to come up with a balance selection process so that the results would not favour a particular treatment group. The length of feeding trials should first be pegged at 90 days then extended every 30 days depending when the dairy milking goats starts to dry off.  


The ideal condition would be to select dairy goats of the same age, breed type and kidding date. Actual farm condition is far from ideal so we have to come up with what are available on the table. A second batch of goats for feeding trials late next year can be planned to match the ideal condition but it will take the project too long to start to reach completion.  


Supporting this project is part of AGF commitment to help develop the dairy goat industry in the Philippines. AGF will see the project to its successful conclusion, it will provide all  its available resources to see this through.
To make the time spend for the project worthwhile for AGF, we have decided to do a parallel study using pelletized Indigofera leaf meal as a supplement in the concentrate ration for lactating dairy goats. AGF success in feeding fresh Indigofera to lactating goats the past two and a half years  encourages us to pursue this undertaking. Science tells us when you dry and pelletize the legumes leaves it becomes a good source of bypass protein.
This is what catches our interest in our desire to help the millions of farmers raising goats in the countryside. The addition of legumes to the diet of goats would immediately result to improvement in the digestability and protein level of farmers goat's intake. Credibility is always higher when you have numbers instead of stories when you do advocacies.
Good results obtained from the feeding trials  would put our advocacy in commercializing the Alaminos Salad Garden concept on solid ground.  


We would follow the protocol that the BAS and BAI project would do, in order to come up with a credible result that we can defend. The idea of the project is to see the viability of adding pelletized Malunggay and Indigofera leaf meal, its effect in milk yields and sustainability.    
Commercialization work is the final objective of this project of BAS and BAI, Research Division. Alaminos Goat Farm is just a silent partner in the Malunggay project but would take an active role in the parallel research work with Indigofera and the commercialization phase of the project.
Join us at  Alaminos Goat Farm as we do our share in helping develop the dairy goat industry. The results of this commercialization work funded by the Bureau of Agricultural Research and the Bureau of Animal Industry, Research Division would be a big  boost for goat dairying in Tropical Philippines.

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